Cloud operations. Simplified.

Fully automated hub for visualizing and analyzing your cloud infrastructure.
Keep your SRE & DevOps teams in sync.
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With LiveDiagrams SRE and DevOps teams save time, decrease incident management toil, and improve uptime and MTTR
up to
of SREs and DevOps time is spent
on toil and interrupts
2023 SRE Report
Fully automated hub for visualizing and analyzing your cloud infrastructure

That's why we built LiveDiagrams!

LiveDiagrams is designed to save time, decrease toil, and empowers SRE and DevOps teams to focus on what matters most: reliability, cloud resilience and scalability.

No more ping ponging between consoles, disparate tools and a maze of dashboards, LiveDiagrams is designed to simplify cloud visibility.

LiveDiagrams provides full transparency and contextual insights, by creating visualizations that connect all cloud infrastructure components and show their health status.

Reduce outages
average$150k / hour
Increase productivity
up to 30%
Reduce cloud waste
average4 man-week

See your entire cloud in just
5 minutes

real-time insights into cloud infrastructure performance
cloud snapshot comparison screen
immediate real-time overview of cloud infrastructure
automatic service discovery within cloud environment

Why LiveDiagrams

5 Min to Setup
Our intuitive interface ensures effortless setup and management. Connect your
cloud in minutes and get an immediate real-time overview of your cloud
infrastructure without any extensive onboarding and training.
Ultimate Cloud Transparency
No more navigating through complex dashboards or juggling multiple tools.
LiveDiagrams provides an easy-to-understand total view into your entire
cloud environment, ensuring both cost and security transparency.
Automated Cloud Intelligence
LiveDiagrams will generate a visual representation of your entire cloud
architecture, providing you with a clear and comprehensive view and real-time
insights into your cloud resources, configurations, and performance metrics.


Swift Team Onboarding
& Collaboration
No more long onboarding meetings or whiteboarding sessions. Just provide your team with access to LiveDiagrams, and stay on top of your cloud game. Works at any point of your cloud journey.
Seamless Discovery
of New Services
No more jumping through consoles or manual mapping. LiveDiagrams automatically discovers new services in your cloud environment, ensuring that they are properly supported and integrated into your cloud architecture.
Rapidly Uncover the Source
of Service Failures
With actionable recommendations tailored to your specific cloud environment, you'll have the confidence to pinpoint the root cause of any service failure and take immediate action to resolve it.
Uncover Service
LiveDiagrams reveals service dependencies within your architecture, helping you assess potential impacts before making any changes. This proactive approach reduces operational risks and ensures smooth transitions without unexpected downtime or performance issues.
Prioritize Security Patches
LiveDiagrams allows you to easily see the context of the entire application, not just a single attack path, to proactively address security vulnerabilities.
Identify Causes Behind
Cloud Billing Spikes
LiveDiagrams helps you quickly identify the causes behind billing spikes, map and optimize costs without compromising your cloud performance.

Discover how LiveDiagrams
can transform your cloud experience

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